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Terms and Conditions

Our clients (also referred as the client) must read, understand, and accept all terms and conditions specified and listed below prior to accessing, booking, and receiving goods and services from Olga Pokrovskaya Photography.

A $50 deposit is required to secure the date and time of your photo session.
The deposit is to be paid by the client on or by the date of the invoice issued by us. Bookings are to be confirmed by us only after the full deposit payment is completed by the client.

Upon confirmation of the booking, our photographer is to reserve the date and time and not to make other reservations for that date or time. For this reason, the deposit is non-refundable.

The payment of the full booking fee/charge is to be completed by the client on or by the day of the photoshoot. Failure to do so is to result in cancelation of the photoshoot and loss of the deposit.

The client must arrive to the agreed site of the photoshoot on the agreed time and date and not to be late. We strongly encourage our clients to arrive 10 minutes prior to the photoshoot because timing is critical for smooth transition of photo sessions that follow. If the client is running late, additional time will not be allocated to the photo session, unless at our discretion and if time allows. Extending the time of the photoshoot may be requested by the client by upgrading the photoshoot package prior to the photoshoot. A failure of the client to adhere to the before mentioned timing terms and conditions are to lead to a cancellation of the photo session and loss of the deposit.


The photoshoot session is not to be rescheduled by the client more than twice. Otherwise, the deposit is to be deemed as lost.

If our photographer is to become unable to perform the agreed work on the day and time of the photoshoot session due to unforseen events, a refund is to be issued to the client within 5 business days.
The client is to receive a digital gallery of images in colour correction within 1-4 weeks (depending on the selected package) after the date of the photoshoot. Then the client is to select final photos for editing. Then, within 1-2 weeks after selection, the edited images are to become available for downloading by the client.
After the photos are selected by the client, they are not changeable. Any additional retouch services are to incur extra charges.
The gallery will be automatically deleted after 7 calendar days.

Olga Pokrovskaya Photography is not responsible for any future damages or loss of products received by the client.

Upon agreeing with the above mentioned terms and conditions the client agrees that Olga Pokrovskaya Photography retains copyright rights of all images provided (print or digital).
The client is being offered an option of keeping his/her gallery private (i.e., not being published by us online/offline) for an additional charge of $50.

The terms and conditions outlined above are subject to change at any time, including, but not limited to rates, policies and product offerings, without prior notice.

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